Tuesday, March 10

My! Gosh!! freakin' blogger.com!! (sorry friends)

I finally managed to get back in here! What's going on here? When I first tried to sign in (more than once actually) it keeps telling me I need to sign in with google account. I mean how many account does blogger.com have? Are the two separates? Gosh! they make it harder not only to sign in, but also get around journal blogs :-(
Everytime I want to leave a comment, I always have to type the "pass it or get locked-out" alphabet code! I mean how many times do I have to do that?

Yes, I'm frustrated with this "blogger-too many internet- blog- account- we- have- and- that's- for- you- to- figure- out- so- you- can- leave- comment".

yap, that's how frustrated I am. :-(

I wanna get back to writing in here but if it's gonna take me more time to log in and figure out where on blogger.com I am then I don't know what to do!


garnett109 said...

Take your time with it, it'll all come to you.

mortonlake said...

you have to be signed on to blogspot before you can access your account,you dont automatically be signed on.also,its up to whoevers blog you comment on as to whether they use the comment code,you can turn that off,as i have,in settings,personally i find blogger as easy to use as jland was,just a matter if getting used to it love.take care,love mort xxx

Lucy said...

Please don't go, I just found you thanks to Mort. I noticed you were tALKING about closing your journals out, on face book. I do know it is so much more time consuming with both Journals and face book. I was opn face book 2 days and they changed it and hardly know what I am doing now. Didn't know before and really don't know now. Lucy

Rebecca Anne said...

Your Back!
Sort of~
Well, I'm not sure what to tell you about blogger. I got alittle tired of several things so I bought up my own domain name, and put a wordpress blog on it and I'm happy has a lark.
If you get stuck I'm sure there are lots of people to help you out that have it all figured out. Just remember to ask.
I hope you are doing well these days. It was good to see words from you. Take care now and I'll look forward to your next post.

Lucy said...

Come on Gem, You will get vback into the swing of things You see Rebecca wanrs you to blog to. Lucy

Lucy said...

I do not use a comment code. Since I have an email accout as Lucyhorky@gmail.com which as you probably know is free. So even if I have to sign in all I do is start typing the first 2 letters of my first name and it automaticly finished the entire log in but you have to check the box that says remember my info. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hi Gem, You know what the problem is, I think, and I am speaking from experience, it is time consuming to write in a blog and be on facebook plus all the other things you have to do just in generaL EVERYDAY LIVING.Pardon the caps. Whatever you decide will be right for you and that is all that counts. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hi Gem. I think you could make this simpler. I opened an email account at google, long ago and it is free.
My address there is Lucyhorky@gmail.com and then a made up password. That same password gets used for anything in blogger. Google automaticly types your password in as long as you have the little box checked. I never have to sign in except maybe the first time but not even then all the time. I do not use code and have got used to the codes. They are much simpler than they were on the sites you visit. Lucy

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Lucy said...

I think if you start blogging you will find it will not ask you to sign in everytime you comment but you do have to have a gmail accout. It is very simple to just sign up for a gmail account. Or a google account Like now I will click on Lucy then publish comment and it will come up. And thanks for coming back.

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