Thursday, July 30


I don't know if anyone read this since I've been out of this site in like years...? no just months actually.
Here's I've been up to:

I found a website early this year called PLM,
Still active at
Haven't been on Twitter.
Still like Youtubes a lot!

and Of course Ive seen most of you actively posting on Facebook, I'm so glad to see all there :-)

well, I have a lot to say but right now I'm sleepy.

Thursday, April 23

Still on Facebook & Twitter

I found Rebecca there, so please if any of you are on Twitter also, I'd love to see you there! Let me know what's your twitter name..mine is "GemWasHere"
Hope to see there soon!
Gem :)


Facebook: **

YouTube: **

~Gem~ :)