Friday, March 7


                           ---- now u see me.... :-)


Hi Jland friends,

Been lazy these past two weeks (or has it been a month??), hardly did anything done around the house, even though I'm only working one day out of the week at the retail store, BUT! my husband painted the living room GREEN! (Guacamole green, c68-4, an Olympic paint brand at Lowe's) oohh it is soo nice! It turned out well. Next project is to paint my kitchen yellow which would be Butterfly Bush, b11-2,  Lowe's Olympic brand also....hopefullly to get it done before my daughter's senior graduation in June.

(oh, I had to use the pink color for the yellow font because I could NOT see/read the yellow!) :-D


Our Kenmore fridge broke early in the fall last year, and a nice friend lent us their garage fridge for a while until we are able to afford to buy a new one. The compressor of the Kenmore fridge we previously have stopped working, we bought this fridge at Sears in 2002. We called them to fix it and even though it was still in the warranty, they told us that we have to pay them, for the technician to come look at it and tell us what was wrong even though we already told the Sears person that we know what is wrong with it, they said they don't work that way, that they have to send their guys over.Then they'll order the parts, which we have to pay PLUS labor! geez...that's how they make money, they'll talk you into buying "warranty" when you first bought the item and when it comes time to enforce the warranty, it doesn't cover what was suppose to be covered!) so, the way to go was to buy a new one, which was better and no, we did not get them at Sears at all.

Well, on the good side, we indulge ourselves to a HUGE brand new 60" inch tv. I went out and got a wall unit for that tv, I've always wanted to have an entertainment center and I got it about a couple weeks ago. Maybe that's why I haven't done much (except spend money??) :-D sure, yeah....thanks to taxes.And now we're getting the one in September which will be in time for the holiday shopping. Hmnn.....always find reason to spend money huh? :-)


Anyway, I'll be taking pictures of my newly painted and dressed living room sometime soon. I've gotten a few wall art/pictures collections off ebay a while back and just needed some really nice  frames to put it and then hang it on the wall.

I have more to say, but I've got to make shrimp fried rice, husband's wish, for dinner. I'll be back again tonight online.

See ya!


specialadyfink said...

I'm coming over for dinner....
now I feel bad cause I have let me house go to pot cause of stayin on this pooder....shame shame on me..

malagutigrrl said...

So good to hear from you again.
LOL!  So, when shall I show up to help you watch your new TV?

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


sunnybethe said...

HI Gemust be like being..good to see you back.  WoW, such a big TV.... must be like being at the theater!

take care sweetie,  Bethe

nhd106 said...

Nice to get some fresh, pretty colors around!    Looking forward to pics.


kaydeejay5449 said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal.  Glad I could help get your creative juices flowing again.  LOL   Can't wait to see pictures of your remodeling efforts.  I'd love to repaint and spruce up this house but we have too much other stuff going.  Our daughter graduates from college in May and then starts planning her wedding.  The $$$$ going out never ends.  LOL
Hugs, Kathy

toonguykc said...

Cool!  Enjoy that new TV!!


garnett109 said...

The Green room?

shrbrisc said...

sounds great I can't wait to see pictures

preciousone25 said...

Glad you didn't but this new refrig at Sears... the nerve of them!!!  Thanks for the notice, I won't get mine there either!!


valphish said...

Thanks for stopping by and congratulation me, Gem!  I haven't been by in awhile.  Been busy and been sick.  Did you know I suffer from bipolar and OCD?  My bipolar is pretty much under control, but it wasn't for MANY years.  If you ever want to talk stop on over or pop me an email.  Come play my sentence game, too, if you would like.  The letters this week are STANAD.  I post six new letters each Saturday morning.  So, a new big TV and new colors on your wall!!  How cool is that!!  Nice talking to you again!!  Big hugs!!  Val xox

helmswondermom said...

Good to hear from you.  I look forward to seeing the newly painted room, and congrats on that new fridge and the tv.

luddie343 said...

Ok so when can I come over and watch that movie screen of a TV ya got, huh?  I'll bring the snacks.  And I help paint the kitchen too.  xo CATHY  

wwfbison said...

The tv sounds great as well as the color selections you chose.  Sounds like you have been busy!  What a rip off with Sears ~ I never buy those warranties and now after reading this I am glad I don't!  Enjoy your new telly!

mutualaide said...

Well, I don't know where I've been, but here I am catching up again!  LOL

You sound upbeat in spite of the fridge, 'cause geez, you got a new color living room and a tv!!! Yippeeeeeeee!

Waiting patiently for pictures.  :)