Thursday, February 28


Below is the schedule for the mailing of the upcoming tax rebate checks............

The check is in the mail
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Last 2 digits of your SSN

Receive your check by week of


00 - 09

July 23


10 - 19

July 30


20 - 29

August 6


30 - 39

August 13


40 - 49

August 20


50 - 59

August 27


60 - 69

Sept. 3


70 - 79

Sept. 10


80 - 89

Sept. 17


90 - 99

Sept. 24










.....and I haven't even done my taxes yet......Have you?

 If you missed Monday's episode of  "Moment Of Truth" game show....
here's the link:

                ---> Sometimes there are things better left unsaid.... <----


wwfbison said...

Interesting, we will be waiting until September.  Thanks for the info, I thought they were all going out in May.

garnett109 said...


xxroxymamaxx said...

Oh wow, this is nice to know!!  I haven't done my taxes either.  I HATE taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol  Love, Shelly

fisherkristina said...

I think that show wrecks people's lives.  I have never watched it before.  But I just watched the UTube clip.  I was horrified about how the woman messed up her life and her family's forever.  I don't think that show should be allowed to be on the air.

Krissy :)

coelha said...

I saw that show, and it was hard to watch.  I could tell the mom was getting pissed, and the father--acted a little odd-I'm guessing he has a lot of secrets.  I hope she is happy now with no $ and no hubby..  Poor guy.  The last question was a killer though.  Deep down inside she thinks she isn't a good person-guilt will do that to you.  Julie :)

pharmolo said...

I gather that about 700,000 people in Holland had to resubmit their tax return after the Tax Office lost their submissions...

nhd106 said...

I never knew they give tax money back that way...thanks!

Also, I do love that show...even if it makes me cringe!

sunnybethe said...

I've never seen the show...that was harsh.


mutualaide said...

LOL -- we'll get ours in August or September.  

shrbrisc said...

well hell I might as well give up they will recall it before I get mine lol
have a great weekend

lv2trnscrb said...

I haven't really been following this; I knew there was talk of rebate checks but I never know what's really true,you know, until you see the check literally in your hand; so I wonder if each person gets their own check or how it works with married couples; because if each gets his own check, hubby gets one,then I get one a few weeks later; guess I better go and check this out and at the same time think of getting my taxes done

thanks for the reminder


helmswondermom said...

We've filed ours and should be getting our rebate soon.  As for that extra rebate, I hope this schedule is right, because if so, we'll be one of the first ones to get ours.

cinisoul said...

you know, Sunday morning I was watching a business show on CBS. One of the guests on the show said that president Bush was trying and hoping that the checks would start being sent in May. I wish they would make up there minds. (sigh)

I did my taxes. Can't wait (Smiles)!

cinisoul said...

I just realized that you had a link to youtube down there.

I saw that episode. I must say there are just some shows you end up not wanting to see ever again. When I heard both versions of the same question that her ex was asking, and when I heard her reply on television, It made me sick. I felt bad for her husband. And what makes matters worse is, she didn't win a thing. It wasn't even worth it. "The last question she was asked sums it up why she didn't deserve to win." I'm never watching it again.

luddie343 said...

Just dropping by to smile at you and be on my way!!  :-)  CATHY

kaydeejay5449 said...

I just clicked on the link and watched to the point of her saying she had been unfaithful by having sex outside of her marriage.  I can't watch anymore...........makes me too nervous.  LOL
Hugs, Kathy