Wednesday, October 17


What Your Halloween Habits Say About You


You're a friendly person, but not the life of the party. You like making someone else's day - and you'll dress up if you think of a really fun costume.
You definitely think of yourself as someone who has a dark side. And part of having that dark side means not showing it.

Your inner child is stubborn and a bit bossy. You fear those closest to you finding out who you really are. You dread people discovering your secrets.

You're logical, rational, and not easily effected. Not a lot scares you... especially when it comes to the paranormal.

You are picky and high maintenance. If you wear a Halloween costume, it's only when you really feel like it. And it has to be perfect.



coelha said...

I'm the same!!  Julie :)

malagutigrrl said...

cool.  I'm glad everyone is having fun with this.  I haven't been over here in awhile and put you back on my alerts.  Sounds like you've been having a time with the bi-polar thing.  I'm dealing with MS myself.  It all comes down to one thing, I think, and I've been saying this FOR YEARS.   We live in a TOXIC WORLD.
We're suffering from all kinds of things that my grandparents never even HEARD of.  Hope you are hanging tough.  I'm here, you know.  We're all here.  That's what J-Land is really about.
Hugs to you,

tampa0503 said...

HI Gem....I did mine,too.  How fun, although mine says I secretly like to be scared to death.  Hmmmm, I really don't like to be scared to death!!  I protest to the death!


princesssaurora said...

This was funny!

be well,

monponsett said...

I got the same answer...they need to ask more questions or something.