Saturday, August 18

:-) time flies! The last time I updated my journal was back in July 9th. And what date are we on now? August 18th (btw..tomorrow is my son's 5th bday--we're having a small  family affair celebration.) Oh I miss miss miss you dear Jland!

I'm still working parttime at the clothing store down to 30 hours a week and less more once the kid starts school  on the 27th of August. I will have a few days off that week to catch up on housework. I'm so ready for my kids to go back to school. I surely miss reading journals but I read a couple today where I found out Judith's Heartsong journal revived the Artsy Essay contest--that is so wonderful!

I've been keeping in touch with a few online friends through snail mail since my computer's been down the last time I updated. Yes! my computer is so totally crashed since then!
I need to send the old hard drive disk to get a new not really sure when's that gonna happen (the fixing of my pc.) that is one of the reason I haven't updated and couldn't read many journals --my pc is crashed and burned! bummer....

Well, I'm at the library, sucks cause it is so limited time and it closes at 3 pm today, unlike when I have my pc at home, I can sign on & off anytime. So for now, a little sacrifice.

I hope things are well with you all dear Jlanders.

Gem :-)



amy122389 said...

Gem!  happy to see you still checking in with us!!

::hug hug hug::


jckfrstross said...

happy Birthday to your son:) hope you get your puter back soon


grofsand said...

You have been missed! I hope your summer passed with highlights to behold!
be well and in Peace....Marc :)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOu))))))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry to hear about your puter being crashed.Mine is also in the shop as well.I hate when that happends.Sounds like you been so busy.I hope you will get some free time soon.Take care.

judithheartsong said...

Happy Birthday to your son! It sounds like things are good for you and that except for the computer, all is well.

I am so delighted for everybody that we have the contest up and running again, so many people go in so many wonderful directions with their writing.... and it is a pleasure to read the results. Now photographs and art can be entered too, so it is really better than ever before.

Be well and be happy:)


cinisoul said...

Your computer crashed too??? Mines crashed back in May, so I kinda threw a temper tantrum, and went bought a new one a couple of days later. I gave the old one to my brother and he took it to my uncle's  store to get it fixed. Turns out that the main circuit board had fried. My uncle told us that the computers like Gateway (I have one of these now), Emachines (previous), and others are massed produced so you don't get quality parts with them. So the next time I buy a computer, I am buying a Dell.

I'm glad Judith started it again too, I had fun doing mines. I can't wait for school to start back too. Kids here in Rochester, were really misbehaving. Glad you updated, and hope that your computer repair isn't that expensive.


mutualaide said...

Hi Gem!  I did the same thing ... I've been missing in action for a month or so.  Somehow the summer got away from me!

So glad you took the time to say hello and drop us a note.  Looking forward to you writing more and visiting more come fall and less work hours.

Happy Birthday to your Baby Boy!  Not a baby now ... :)

luvmort said...

Still here, still writing in the Cafe!  Missed ya!

luddie343 said...

Thanks for going to the trouble of using the library, just to tell us how you've been Gem.  Sorry about the crash boom bang.  You clean up after every online session, right?  Dump cache, TIF's, unwanted cookies, adware, spyware, malware, all the junk that freezes then kills a puter.  I know people who told me they actually just get up and walk away after signing off.  Ut oh....boom.  CATHY