Sunday, July 8


....everyone! haven't been in Jland for almost a month now. I started a job at an outlet store a little over three weeks ago and been working almost 40 hours a week. After two weeks I realized fulltime hours are overwhelming for me so I asked to have my shcedule down to 4 days a week--which should start by next week. I'm going to have a long weekend off starting this Friday and won't be back to work until Tuesday next week because I have a wedding to go to this coming weekend in Charltotte, NC.

Anyway, I do miss you dear Jlanders, I haven't forgotten. Sometimes I'd be at work and my mind would wander here in Jland, wondering how things are with you all.

Also our pc crashed and  didn't have access online for almost two weeks, so it finally got fixed few days ago. I worked today and working from 10 am until 7 pm tomorrow (yes! long hours!) but it gives me something to do and I get paid for it, sometimes the store is pretty empty that it feels so boring, but I try to tell myself: "hey! I get paid to feel bored!" LOL! (I feel bored at home why not get paid for it??) LOL!

well, gotta visit jland in a  few minutes...see what you guys been up to.

Wish you well,


nhd106 said...

Good to see you around, Gem!!   Seems like a good idea to decrease your hours.  Hope to see you a little bit more.

coelha said...

I totally agree with you... If you are going to be bored, might as well get paid while doing it!  Take care - Julie

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))So glad you have a job you like,that is alot of hours,but,hey,Christmas is around he corner.LOL.ou can save up.Did I say that word?LOL.Yes,I did and belive it or not,I actullay started.In this house,I have to and I am glad I am working more hours.It is nice to hear from you.Have a nice night.

am4039 said...

happy to hear from you and yep might as well get paid to be bored. LOL.

princesssaurora said...

Good for you, Gem!  Glad to hear from you...

be well,

amy122389 said...

I wanna get paid for being bored!  Only I don't want to leave the house...LOL

Happy to see you checking in!  I kept wondering where the heck you went... ;-)


jckfrstross said...

congrats on the new job:) getting paid to be bored is a good thing lol enjoy your week


mutualaide said...

Glad you are enjoying getting paid for 'nothing to do'!  LOL!  Sometimes when it's quite at work I remind myself that I've earned the quiet ... and you will too come holiday time.  :)

luvmort said...

Great to hear from you, dahling!  I miss working at the Sheraton gift shop, I got paid to read all the mags!  LOL!

I'm up to working five days a week, I HATE IT!

luddie343 said...

Sorry you crashed, Gem - hope you make it back here soonest!  CATHY

mpnaz58 said...

Isn't it amazing how you "know" people here, yet you've never "met" them??  I probably have more friends here than in my real life.  There are some journals I am obsessed about, and I do think about the author, how they're doing today, what they'll write about.  An interesting phenomenon!
xoxo ~myra