Friday, March 2


(link) Z P D I ---an actual SCAMMING phone company! (link)

I just paid my monthly local phone bill today and when the receipt was handed to us that's when I saw that we owed almost $200.00 more--we were being charged $2.22 a minute for calls we DIDN'T make.
(These calls were actually an incoming calls-not from our home, but these company is insisting the calls were made from our home.)

ohh...I'm sooo pissed! Even my local phone company is not very helpful.

I called ZPDI and asked the rep to send us a written trace of exact time/date the calls were made and she told me they don't do that. I asked why and she couldn't even come up with a convincing answer--I told her: "you don't even know what you're talking about!..."

I am getting rid of my house phone number, I am signing up for cable-access-online and just stick with my cell phone.

I'm not sure yet what's gonna happen with the bill from scammer-ZPDI, but I'm gonna go as far as writing and contacting congress and FTC.

Gosh....why can't we have a decent and honest business nowadays??!!


justaname4me2 said...

Fight it tooth and NAIL. They need to provide proof, proof, proof for services rendered, or they owe you a refund off your phone bill. I've never heard of that company, but I won't forget it.
Take care and sic emm.....grrrrrrrr

mutualaide said...

Argh!  Just call 'em back and tell them .... well, I can't WRITE that HERE!

Your local phone company should be helping you with this as well.  Stinky phone companies always trying to scam.  The last time it happened to us I called the phone company and told them there was 'no way in the world ANYONE at my house signed up for any other company.'  The girl said, 'okay' and took the charges off my phone bill.  

amy122389 said...

The same thing happened to us a few years ago, but our phone company helped alot...  :-/  Do they have a fraud dept?!


nhd106 said...

You go girl!  And thanks for letting us know...

Good luck.


iscribble4u said...

Telephone scams pop up every once in a while. I was almost scammed by a company in the Bahamas of all places. Don't pay it!


princesssaurora said...

You go girl... don't you let them push you around!!!  


Hugs and love...

be well,

fitzzer said...

Contact them again in writing. They should have given you an option to block anyone switching phone companies without your permission. Ask to talk to a manager and go right up to the president of the company if you have to.