Tuesday, November 4


My [new] 2nd post here...I'm really excited. I have so much to say about my '88 summer happenings... but geez...we're only about 7 weeks to go before Christmas? Where did the time go? ) scratching my head here) :-)

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. My kids enjoyed it specially my youngest son. He got tired not long after from walking, then later (about 8 pm) he wants to go back out there ToT. We told him it's late already. The funny thing was he wanted a gummy bear, been asking for it to have along with his lunch. Of course, it keeps slipping my mind even when I got a bag of candy for Halloween. He came home with one and said" I've waited my whole life for this Halloween to get a gummy bear!" ...that boy is "dramatic" LOL!

I missed you all, and I know I did not keep up for a loo-oo-ong time on AOL. I'm very glad to received notices from concerned journalers, alerting me of changes-- letting me know I need to get into action or I'll lose ALL my posts. :-)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I'm working part time at a retail store and hours were cut waaay down the last two months. It was dissapointing because I am counting that check for holiday presents for my 3 kids.
One college, one high school, and one at elementary school.
I was getting 10 hours a week for three weeks :-( and today, I left a note saying:
Management- if you need xtra help for the next 3 days, please consider me, & before I left, I was told to come in another day. ..so it does help.

I'm working on getting use to my new blog home--checking posts and still following everyone (yap, I'm still out...looking for you!) LOL! :-D

I can go on and on and on and on... :-D but I want to visit/read what you been up to lately.

I'm on my way,
Gem :-)


garnett109 said...

buy that young lad some gummy bears

Joann said...

Give the boy his GUMMY BEARS!!! That was SO CUTE, I was sitting here by myself laughing my silly head off!!! He's a CUTIE!! I hope you get some more hours to buy him more gummy bears for his Christmas stocking.... LOL!!


Indigo said...

Too cute about the Gummy Bears. I've missed you while you were gone dear friend. As always, I'm way behind in alerts. (Hugs)Indigo