Saturday, April 5

To Lift A Nation

....sharing pictures taken while staying at Chambersburg, PA.

HUGE Statue of Firefighters erecting the US flag,
National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg.

"To Lift A Nation"  ..a  memorial.
Three firemen raised a flag at ground zero in silent tribute to those brave firefighters
who answered the call. This noble flag is raised permanently in honor of those heroes
and all who serve this great nation.
May God continue to bless America!
Sculptor: Stan Watts

The statue was Amazing! to look at....
The flag is real cloth.


pharmolo said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter pics, Gem, looks like you all had a great time :-)

libragem007 said...

A comment has been posted to the Journal:
Comment from: wwfbison
"This is such a wonderful shot, I love the way the firemen look against the background and the raising of the flag.  Well done.

(I posted Lisa's comment here from my email comment alert from previous entry with the same pic but was deleted by mistake)