Sunday, April 13


This headline {as soon as I open my aol browser} caught my attention, clicked on it and this is what I read.

 -----> What's Your Work Number?

Do you agree with this? I am not so sure about this work number like this makes it easier for scammers and online thief to steal someone else identity and/ or give out inaccurate info.


garnett109 said...

No more privacy huh?
Just like the social if it is stolen anybody can be you!

shrbrisc said...

I agree they are getting too much information with a click of the keys ...

toonguykc said...

AOL has never asked me that...  weird.  Tell them that you're a free-lancer.


helmswondermom said...

The insurance company I used to work for actually did use something like this.  But I think it was a number that the company itself used for prospective employers to call to verify your employment -- it wasn't an outside agency.