Saturday, April 5

Do U see?

I took this picture on the way to Chambersburg, PA. As I look closely, I realized there's some kind of figure lurking......Do you see it?

Let me know :-)



mpnaz58 said...

Is it a face?  Looks like a pair of eyes!
xoxo ~Myra

preciousone25 said...

Maybe an old lady in the clouds...  not sure!!

sunnybethe said...

I see a toothless guy laughing : D  

hugs,  Bethe    

malagutigrrl said...

I do see it.  Towards the left, right?

mutualaide said...

Well, I think I see one left eye and just below that an animal snout ... but then, we all see clouds differently.  Don't we?  LOL

cinisoul said...

I kind of see what looks like a animal head, and it has a weird looking limb sticking out beneath it.