Wednesday, January 23

tv shows

I'm watching American Idol at the moment and after that, "The Moment Of Truth" game show is coming on tonight for the first time [Fox channel, 9pm Eastern Time]

 I can't wait to see that...I have a feeling I'm gonna be sitting on the edge waiting to hear the contestant's answers.


Imagine, telling only the truth infront of  the million viewers?


gosh...I'd melt!


LOL! :-D



The other shows I also love to watch are  lined up in Discovery Health Channel-- [Diagnosis X, Trauma ER, Mystery Diagnosis, Code Blue.]



What are your favorite tv shows? :-)



garnett109 said...

enjoy your night

jckfrstross said...

my favorite shows are..... Ghost Hunters, Eureka, any cooking show and the animal planet lol
have a good week


shrbrisc said...

ph lord if it is reality I usually love it everything from biggest loser to I love newyork lol


nhd106 said...

I was so looking foward to "moment of truth" too...and watched it tonight.  I liked it!   Did you?  


coelha said...

I love Desperate Housewives..but of course, who knows when that will be back again...  I don't know WHY anyone would want to be on that new show, The Moment of Truth...  I'm bummed Amazing Race is over.. :(  I like the host.  Julie

malagutigrrl said...

Ah let's see... South Park, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, most everything on History Channel and National Geographic Channel, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Intervention, Lucy: Daughter of the Devil, Robot Chicken, and Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.  

lv2trnscrb said...

I don't watch much TV, but when I watch it, I like to watch the Food Channel or what's on the History Channel sometimes. I will have to check out that Moment of Truth game, sounds interesting

enjoy the day


monicasmemoirs said...

Thank you for stopping by and offering support/prayers for my granddaughter.  It was truly appreciated.

My daughter had "Moment of Truth" on tonight.  I was listening to it a bit as I was working.  I don't think I'd want to that show!  Not because I have anything to hide from my husband but, work related stuff ... that might get me in trouble! LOL

There are only two shows I can't miss ... Amazing Race and Men in Trees.  Looks like I'm out of shows for a while.  ::sigh::


mutualaide said...

I do watch some TV but I try to limit the hours.  LOL ... I'm easily drawn, you know?

luddie343 said...

Like "Nova" but let me tell ya, you asked about the asteroid, read one of my earlier posts, it's set to hit Mars on the 30th - I know I've been away with PC problems but return in earnest - check out "Martian Merriment and Asteroid" I think that's the best description of it.  Stay sweet -CATHY

charminme2 said...

Hi Gem!         hope this finds you and yours well - and happy!    I really got hooked on that "Dancing with the Stars" show.......and another favorite of mine is "Court TV".......Discovery Channel gets my attention too as does Animal Planet.....         Best wishes!!!          Megghan

wwfbison said...

I love Idol and get a good laugh out of the auditions.  I enjoy Seinfeld reruns, the CSI's, Nip/Tuck, Moonlight and Ghost Whisperer.  I haven't seen the Moment of Truth yet ~ I would never go on that show!!