Monday, May 14


It's Monday! How was everyone's Mother's day? Mine was wonderful. I went to the mall and got a set of summer outfit for my youngest son and a set of outfit for my sister's upcoming baby, both sets from Gymboree..I LOVE that kid's store..The quality is real nice and last longer.

My daughter's gifts for me was a beautiful teacup from Starbucks and a book called "A Spoonful Of Sugar for Mothers," an inspirational book; then I got a card from my two sons, and a card from a cherished jland friend (Thank you M!) :-)

My wish list yesterday were to have my  car clean, water the yard and a clean, clutter-free kitchen countertop. So when I got up from a morning nap, my wish lists was done so that made me feel proud of my family and I felt so relax.

Another things I got were three kinds of fabric and a pattern for shorts/capri pants. Altogether I spent $14.00 to make all three pants including the pattern, now that's what I called a wonderful deal! I cut up the pattern yetserday when I came home and can't wait to get all three done. I promise I'll take picture and post it up sometime.

Well, it is Monday again already! Time go by fast! it has only been a week since I sweeped and moped my kitchen and living room floor-- now I'm gonna do it all over again. But this time I want to add dusting a couple window blinds. My home has a total of  7 window blinds, the slats are 2-1/2 inches wide so I'm gonna damp-clean every single slats. last week, I was down on my knee wiping baseboards, today I'll sweep and mop the whole floors, do a couple load of laundry, clean the window blinds slats and dust the living room ceiling fan. I think I'll have enough to do until 2 pm....before my youngest son comes home from school.

I'm having fun being back in Jland writing again, and I promise I'll be by your Jland place soon.

Gem :-)


iscribble4u said...

Glad you had a great mother's day. But now it's Monday, and as the saying goes, "A mother's work is never done." It's good to have you back with us and writing again more often.  *smile*  Take care, my friend.


coelha said...

There always seems to be SOMETHING to clean, huh?  I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day!  :)  Julie