Wednesday, March 7

it just occured to me

...that I am now looking forward to wake up in the mornings. I used to wanted to rather just sleep ALL day. I remember feeling I just wanted to run away from everything and sleeping does that for me.

[ok..this is all I can remember what I wrote earlier... aw gosh..sick in my stomach now.] :-(

Anyway, I'm gonna keep trying. I'm NOT gonna let AOL's screw ups to screw my mind too.'s the rest of what I wrote as far as I can remember.............

Before January 29th** ...............

oh I'm pissed! I now wished I had written it in word pad or somehting first.


now I'm pissed again.

I guess it'd be better if  I just sleep this off.


see ya!
Gem :-(


mutualaide said...

Gem!  Love the pictures in your side bar.   No, do not go back to bed or fall asleep on the couch.  Write again.  Just write something different.  Please?

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))I know it can be frustating to write an entry and loose it.Alot of times,I feel like wanting to go back to sleep myself,when I get up so early in the moring and when I have to be at work later in the day.I guess I get used to getting up.I hope you get your puter problems fixd.

fitzzer said...

Did you ever receive your party kit? I know you've been busy but I didn't hear from you and was wondering. Hugs, ~ L

luvmort said...

OK, I am a bit confused but not as bad as you seem to be, lol.  

It will all work itself out in the wash.  

Don't let the AOL Overlords get to you.  

princesssaurora said...

I am glad that you kept trying again!  Good to see you!  Glad things are good!

be well,